Racial Equity Task Force envisions a commitment to accelerating progress on issues of racial equity and inclusion at the systems level in homeless services and reflected and centered in all of the work that we do as service providers.

Our work includes:

  • Better understanding and addressing  the overrepresentation of people of color among those experiencing homelessness
  • Address racial inequities within the homelessness response system and incorporate anti-racist policies and interventions.
  • Implement actions to support the growth of People of Color working within homeless services.


  • Expand outreach efforts in geographic areas with higher concentrations of underrepresented groups into underserved communities.
  • To develop educational material on creating greater racial and ethnic diversity for homelessness in the CoC.
  • To establish opportunities for regular communication and understanding of underserved populations in the Greater New Orleans area.
  • Examine returns to homelessness and race and conduct equitable analysis.
  • Analyze emergency shelters and how race disparities play in access.
  • Implement professional development opportunities to identify and invest in emerging leaders of different races and ethnicities in the homelessness sector.



  • The Equity Team is working with C4 Innovations to develop a racial study on homeless services in New Orleans



Completed Goals:

  • Conduct additional research to understand the scope and needs of different races or ethnicities experiencing homelessness.
  • Review coordinated entry and discharge processes to understand their impact on people of different races and ethnicities experiencing homelessness.


Coming Soon

Interested in joining the Racial Equity Task Task Force? Contact Shercole King at sking@vialink.org

Racial Equity Task Force